LA1ASK  is the callsign of the radio amateur club station at the former “Bergen Kringkaster”. ”Bergen Kringkaster” was a medium wave (MW) broadcasting station at Askøy Island outside Bergen, Norway (IOTA EU-055). LA1ASK is managed and owned by “Foreningen Bergen Kringkaster”, an association of friends and enthusiasts, who share a common goal: to unite broadcasting, radio history and radio enthusiasts in the activities around the cultural heritage of “LKB Bergen Kringkaster”, located at Frudalsmyrene in Askøy.

“Foreningen Bergen Kringkaster” has several ambitions, among them:
•    Preserve and continue the work done by the former association “Forening for de Teletekniske Samlinger”
•    Ensure that all historical objects in the collection is kept together and safe
•    Continuous work and effort to make “LKB Bergen Kringkaster” better known and available for the general public. This is done by broadcasting, amateur radio at LA1ASK, and other activities related to radio.

The work and management is done in close co-operation with Askøy municipality, the owner of “Bergen Kringkaster”.  For detailed information about “Bergen Kringkaster”, please visit 

The visiting address of LA1ASK is Grensedalen 59, NO-5306 Erdal, Norway.

Please also visit “Bergensgruppen av NRRL” (Bergen group of Norwegian Radio Relay League)